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Blinc Micro-dermabrasion Stick For The Face

Category: Skin Care

Price: $50.00

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The Micro-dermabrasion Stick is the original one-step innovation that combines deep exfoliation with skin-enriching treatment. It contains professional quality micro-dermabrasion crystals that gently remove dead skin cells to unclog pores, smooth and brighten the skin. Ingredients include: Aloe, Caffeine Butter, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber, Soy Protein, Green Tea, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It will help to fade sun spots when used regularly. How to use: Start with a clean, WET face and use circular motions on your face with the Stick also being WET. After several minutes, use your fingertips to drive in the all-important ingredients. The Stick is faster and more sanitary than messy creams, gels or complex mechanical devices. Your skin will look brighter and clearer as a result of using the Stick 2 - 3 times a week at night. Apply your Night Serum and Night Cream thereafter. $50.00

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