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Payot Paris Cleanser Lingette Face Wipes

Category: Skin Care

Price: $18.00

We are VERY SORRY that this fine product is not available until September, as Paris is not shipping to the U.S. until then. If you would like to place an order and hold until September, you will not be charged. We love these Face Wipes for daily cleansing. They can be applied to the face, eyes and lips to wash the face. Contains Extracts of Cranberry and are ideal for travel and those on the move. Ingredients include: Extracts of Cranberry to protects and improve skin tone, Bioecolia to regulates and restores balance to the skin, Olivine to combat stress and tiredness, Glycols which contains hydrating agents and Smithsonite Extract which tones and revitalizes the skin. $18.00

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