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BEAUTIFULLY WRAPPED GIFT CERTIFICATES: You can shop on-line, call or email to order a Gift Certificate. It can be mailed anywhere in the U. S. We will ask for a "To" and a "From" and a message for the Gift Certificate.

TO SHOP ON-LINE: Click on the image with the dollar amount you'd like to spend and then go through the shopping cart. We can mail the Gift Certificate to you or directly to the lucky person. After ordering, follow-up with an email to Lily's with a "To" and a "From" and a message for the Gift Certificate.

We'll send the Gift Certificate out in the mail, as if it were a package!

TO REDEEM THE GIFT CERTIFICATE: the lucky person can either go through the shopping cart to order or can call or email their order.

When redeeming, please provide us with the number written on the back side of the Gift Certificate. We can easily cross reference the Gift Certificate and process the order. What a GREAT GIFT this is!

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